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Cardboard Heart

Simple Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

By | Packaging

Cardboard. One of the most commonly used paper-based products in the world, with a hugely versatile range of applications. From boxes to cards, tubes to boards; most products are recyclable but there is also a huge scope to reuse them. Cardboard doesn’t like getting wet, but other than that it’s fairly good to go with any number of reuses.

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Product Showcase – Envirocool®

By | Product Showcase, Packaging

Envirocool® is the latest in our range of environmentally friendly packaging, the first to market that ticks ALL of the eco-boxes you can think of and then some. Organic, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and vegan friendly, Envirocool® has been developed initially for the food industry but is due to be rolled out across our other market sectors later this year.

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Hydropac How Long in Landfill

How Long in Landfill?

By | Eco Friendly, Insights

Biodegradable items have their time and place, but it is important that we as a nation understand just how long things take to break down in landfill, especially when many items that are thrown away as general waste can be recycled or reused instead

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