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Hydropac are the largest producer of ice packs in the UK.

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Hydropac’s Excellent Packaging Solutions

Offering a versatile selection of Gel Packs, Ice Packs and Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs, Hydropac showcase innovative temperature-controlled packaging solutions which differentiate from our competitors’ products. The Hydropac range of ice packs and mats is designed to maintain and control frozen goods, fresh food and pharmaceutical goods at the same temperature throughout the shipping journey, ensuring that all your goods are in superb condition when they arrive.

All of the products in the Hydropac range can be customised with a company logo and information with no additional costs, although there is a marginally different minimum order quantity for customised orders – please contact us for more information!

Quality Conscious

Hydropac Gel Ice Packs, Ice Packs and Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs offer a safer way to send chilled or frozen goods; rather than traditional dry-ice shipments, at an equal price through the conventional postal network. We have built our own specialised ice pack machinery that utilises an innovative dosing system, as well as our own ‘seal through liquid’ technology, to ensure that our ice packs are filled to their maximum capacity, as well as being able to produce unique multi-pocket ice and gel mats.

Here at Hydropac, we take the quality of all our ranges very seriously and we ensure that every Hydropac product and system reflects this. We offer the purest, safest and cleanest ice packs on the market, due to our 3-stage filtration system, UV sterilisation, softening and chlorination process. All of the products in the Hydropac range are completely food safe and we follow a rigorous quality control process by sending samples of every production run to an independent public health laboratory for microbiological testing.

All of our ice packs are produced at our factory in Buckinghamshire UK with our gel, water or innovative phase change solution to prolong foods at their frozen temperature.

Eco-Friendly Technology

At Hydropac we are invested in creating and manufacturing new eco-friendly technologies to help the environment and further limit the impact of our products. Hydropac Ice Packs, Gel Ice Packs and Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs can be reused multiple times after initial use because of their extremely high burst strength of over 200kg, due to our innovative material blend. They will also freeze to a uniform shape each time, making them easy and convenient to store when frozen.

EnviroGel® is our new eco-friendly alternative to the Gel Ice Pack. Whilst all of the industry standard Gel Ice Packs are very good at keeping goods frozen, maintaining their shape and reusing, when emptied the gel polymer inside will clog drains and is not biodegradable or compostable. It must be disposed of by incineration. Our new EnviroGel® powered by FrostCold technology, means that we can upgrade these for customers; the EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® Ice Pack are recyclable, food-safe, plant-based, compostable, biodegradable and can even be used to feed plants. This reduces the impact on the environment and allows our customers to boost their eco-credentials and dispose of the products in a safe and eco-friendly way. We will continue to sell both versions until further notice, to better serve individual customer requirements.

Global Reach

The Hydropac range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions allows our clients to have a supply chain of thermal packaging; regardless of where in the world the location is, we assure your destination is not a limitation! We are open to international collaborative distribution partnerships. Please contact us if you wish to discuss our Hydropac range further.

Hydropac Samples

Our sample store allows you to ‘try before you buy’. Simply choose between the three areas available; Ice Packs, Food Solutions and Pharma to select up to 3 products to test before committing to a full order. Please note, this is a one-time service per customer and there is a shipping charge of £15.99 per sample order.

Why not broaden your horizons and try the EnviroGel®or EnviroIce® Ice Packs – these offer the same properties as the other ice packs in the Hydropac range but with the added benefit of being completely compostable and biodegradable! Or give our Water Ice Packs a go; they are quite simply the cleanest, safest and purest available on the market!