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Hydro-Freeze – the Safe Alternative to Dry Ice

By July 5, 2018 October 15th, 2019 Eco Friendly, Packaging, Hydropac News

660g 2 Pocket Hydro-Freeze Gel Ice Pack

As the current CO2 shortage in the UK continues to rumble on, businesses are fearing losses in trade if they cannot supply staple products such as bacon, beer, and even crumpets! Why? – because the CO2 gas used in the production of these items, to extend shelf life or putting the fizz into drinks, is running low and without it, these products – and many more – cannot be made correctly or packaged for optimum lifespan. Dry ice, for example, has been one such casualty of the shortage, limiting retailers’ ability to effectively keep frozen food at the correct temperature for both home delivery and in store. This in turn has had a knock-on effect on customers and sales, highlighting just how important both CO2 and dry ice is to the retail market.

The crisis will of course pass as the ammonia plants that are currently closed start to reopen – in fact, one located in Billingham, County Durham, has already reopened, but here at Hydropac we’re keen to safeguard against any similar situations in the future.

Enter Hydro-Freeze – our revolutionary alternative for dry ice.

These Ice Packs have been engineered for use with frozen food and use a specially engineered phase change liquid. This is certified to be completely food safe, whilst maintaining an FSA & FDA approved product temperature of below -15°C when used with our insulated systems. Hydro-Freeze ice packs offer a safer way to deliver frozen goods than traditional dry ice shipments, at an equivalent price and with no supply shortage.

Hydro-Freeze packs are available on a range of sizes and pockets and are fully printable with your company logo, for a minimum run as low as just 2 pallets. Using Hydro-Freeze means that retailers and distributors never have to fear a CO2 shortage again.

In case we haven’t quite got the message across – not only are these a food safe alternative to dry ice, they are also:

  • Completely food contact safe, using a 6 stage filtration process and UV light sterilisation
  • Burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • Completely recyclable after use
  • Available in 2 standard off the shelf items in differing sizes, weights and pocket configurations and the option to tailor make the size and weight to your requirements
  • Fully printable, from relatively low minimum order quantities
  • Flexible even when frozen

If you’re interested in Hydro-Freeze, or indeed any of our food safe shipping products, please visit our website or give us a call on (0)1494 530 182 for further information