Reusing our Ice Packs for the Added Chill Factor

Reuses for our Ice Packs

Summer’s here and boy, hasn’t it got hot! In our efforts to keep cool, we’ve been innovative with our very own Ice Packs and Ice Mats and we think we’ve come up with great alternative reuses for end customers. We know they’re recyclable but that doesn’t mean they can only be used once! The gift that just keeps on giving….

Cooling your Consumables

Alright, not the most exciting reuse idea but definitely the most logical, why wouldn’t you reuse an ice pack or mat to cool down your food and drink! After all, that’s what you purchased it for in the first place. Just pop it back in the freezer and it’ll be good to go when you next need it most!

  • Pop into your lunch box – adults and kids alike will appreciate fresh food instead of soggy sandwiches!
  • Wrap around a bottle to cool down your drink – all the better for a perfect picnic!
  • You can even place one under freshly baked cakes to cool quickly – Paul Hollywood, take note, you saw it here first!
  • Pop into a food parcel – an essential if you’re sending by courier! And even if you’re not!
  • Cool down your pet’s drink or bottle – that’s right, pet friendly as well!

Cooling your Cockles

Our ice packs are great at cooling your body temperature down, as well as your food. If you have a customer who needs to chill out (or, indeed, you feel the need to chill out on the job), then this is how you can do it.

  • Use an ice mat as a body cooler – either stretch out on it or stick it up your top, either works! Don’t blame us if you get some funny looks though!
  • Cool your bed sheets or pillow down by popping one in before bedtime – lovely and fresh
  • Put one in your pets bed to cool – as above, Rover WILL thank you!
  • Put an ice pack in front of your fan for that extra chill factor

Cooling your Complaints

Hang on, a third category of reuse!? That’s right, our ice packs make perfect pain relievers

  • Sports injury pack – sports injuries can be tough, but not as tough as our ice packs. As they are flexible when frozen, you can use them to your advantage to cool areas a traditional sports ice pack may not reach.
  • Headache soother – lightly press a chilled pack or ice mat to your temples for blessed relief
  • Back pain relief – if you need to ice your back then look no further.
  • Foot mat – as above, but for your feet!

Don’t forget, our ice packs are made with purified sterile water and are validated by toxicologists after every batch as safe to drink and clean! They are completely food contact safe and go through a 6-stage filtration process and UV light sterilisation. To top it off, they are burst strength tested to excess in 200kg, so they’ll definitely be up to any job you put them to!


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