Pharmapac-Genesis Samples (Pre-Qualified System)

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Pharmapac® Genesis™ is Hydropac’s first ‘Pre-Qualified System’ (PQS/Validated) parcel shipper in the Pharmapac brand, designed as a cost effective, single or multi-use system to protect refrigerated payloads (2 – 8°C) for a minimum of two days during transit.

Genesis™ was created as an affordably priced system, designed to address the complexity of cold chain shipments for the pharmaceutical sector. Consisting of simply a thick, heavy-duty polystyrene box, purpose made ice packs and an innovative and unique thermal ‘Filter Pack’, we have been able to create a system that can maintain safe temperatures throughout its journey in the real world, whilst reducing weight and as importantly cost.

In testing, Genesis™ has proven that effectiveness does not have to be at a cost; this simple chilled packaging solution has more than performed for all the very worst-case temperature models. It has also over-performed on some, maintaining temperature for 120+ hours (5 days). All validations performed under strict conditions.

Patent Application No. GB 2002308.1


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Simplicity engineered through innovation, not imitation‘.

Patent Application No. GB 2002308.1

What is Genesis™?

Pharmapac® Genesis™ is Hydropac’s first ‘Pre-Qualified System’ (PQS/Validated) within the Pharmapac® brand, designed as a cost effective, single-use system to protect refrigerated payloads (2 – 8°C) for at least two days during transit.

Genesis™ has been designed on purpose to be a simple system; nobody wants to spend time putting together a complicated system when this will outperform competing systems on the market!

It consists of 4 parts:

  • A thick, heavy-duty polystyrene box
  • Pharmapac® Water Ice Packs
  • An innovative thermal ‘Filter Pack’
  • A dedicated Payload Tray to take the confusion out of product placement (Genesis 1 Does not require this component)

Using just these simple components, we have been able to create a system that can maintain safe temperatures throughout its journey in the real world.

Simplicity engineered through innovation, not imitation!

Although Pharmapac-Genesis™ was heavily designed around domestic UK shipments, the rigorous testing to worldwide temperature profiles have proved they will work in other countries too. Keep up to date with future developments of our Pharmapac-Genesis™ range, as we work on a creating a universal solution and scaling up in size.

How Does Genesis™ Work?

Pharmapac-Genesis™ has proven its validity through innovation!

In the current world of Pharmaceutical shipping systems, the internal temperature is maintained through use of expensive ‘Positive’ or ‘advanced’ Phase Change Cooling Medium (PCM’s). This makes a system that can keep important medical products at their required cold profiles during transit quite costly.

We knew there was a better way, so we set about challenging ourselves to create a system which was equally effective at regulating internal temperatures but without the complexity and cost. We have spent over a year on research and testing and from this the T.C. Filter pack was created.

The T.C Filter Pack is an innovative addition used exclusively inside the Genesis set, which simply needs refrigerating for 24 hours prior to use and then inserting into the box as advised. The T.C. Filter Packs act as a thermal buffer to control the cooling energy from the ice packs and also prevent products from being in direct contact with the ice. This ensures that internal temperatures remain within the safe threshold of 2 – 8°C.

How does Genesis™ Perform?

Genesis™ has been tested and validated to a number of global temperature test profiles including the UK’s average Summer, Spring/Autumn and Winter profiles, ISTA 7D Summer, ANFOR summer, to name a few.  We have achieved a minimum 48hrs (2 days) in the worst-case summer profiles and more than 120hrs (5 days) in Spring/Autumn and Winter tests – a truly fantastic performance!

We are very confident we can achieve a result to the standard you require and we are willing to work with our clients to modify Genesis to work with a profile you require.

What Issues Does Pharmapac-Genesis™ Address?

In listening to our customers, the general consensus of existing products in the market were 3-fold:

  1. An overly complex pack-out (Lots of components and too much self-assembly)
  2. Current industry standard systems are too heavy, due to requiring multiple ice packs and covering all sides of the system
  3. Pre-Qualification for each size, ready and available ‘off-the-shelf’!
  4. Qualified Industry Solutions are far too expensive!

We believe we have taken the mystic out of the cold chain and offer an advanced parcel shipping system at a fraction of the cost and complexity, but engineered for confidence!

Genesis™ Size Options

Pharmapac® Genesis™ is now available in 5 standard off-the-shelf sizes, ranging from 0.75Ltrs (Genesis™ 1) to 23.97Ltrs (Genesis™ 6).

Standard ‘Off-The-Shelf’ set sizes:

  1. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 1 (0.75L – 1.66L) 52hrs to 120+
  2. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 3 (3.77L – 5.02L) 58hrs to 120+
  3. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 4 (3.15L – 5.04L) 78hrs to 120+
  4. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 4D (6.88L – 8.13L) 74hrs to 120+ Special Order Only
  5. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 5 (9.77L – 14.42L) 94hrs to 120+
  6. Pharmapac-Genesis™ 6 (23.97L – 29.75L) 102hrs to 120+

For an overview of the sizes and performance ratio, please see the Technical Data Tab  or Download PDF from here.

How Many Pharmapac® Gel Ice Packs Do I Need?

Pharmapac-Genesis™ is provided as a set, so there really is no need to worry about the confusion of what size or how many.

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