StarchBox System Samples


  • Fully renewable – This plant based packaging system is made of paper and corn that dissolves in water.
  • Protects your brand – When customers open your parcel, they don’t see a mess of non-recyclable packaging, just clean and simple, kraft paper.
  • Courier tough – Cushioning properties will reduce your transit damage claims.
  • Reducing carbon emissions – Extremely sustainable packaging; compared to plastic, polystyrene and foam based insulators, StarchBox reduces CO2 Emission.
  • Animal friendly – No animal by-products or derivatives are used in StarchBox at all; it is totally plant based packaging
  • Reduced costs – StarchBox comes delivered flat to maximise the quantities we can achieve per pallet, reducing both storage and transport costs.
  • Easy Assembly – The 2-part system is easy to assemble.


This full sample of the StarchBox liner and box set has been made available for customers to test before placing a full order.

It can be ordered online for free as a one-time service per customer. There are 6 size options available; only one product permitted in any size, and only 3 products total per sample basket.

Postage charges of £15.99 apply per sample order.

  • Wide range of eco-credentials;Biobased, Biodegradable, Compostable inner liner and Recyclable outer paper wrap.
  • Food-safe.
  • Moisture resistant through its natural Kraft outer layer.
  • It’s courier resistant – The liners cushioning properties provide some resistance to typical courier handling.
  • Provides at least 24 hours of thermal protection.
  • 3 samples per order.

Request more information from our friendly Customer Service Team here.

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The NEW Hydropac StarchBox is a plant based compostable, renewable packaging system; produced from water soluble expanded corn starch sealed in brown paper. The packaging system offers excellent thermal performance while being as environmentally friendly as possible, making the StarchBox an ideal replacement for less sustainable insulators, like traditional expanded polystyrene.

Sustainable packaging solutions
The NEW Hydropac StarchBox has been developed to meet the changing demands of the insulated packaging market, as our customers look to minimise their environmental impact while maximising the performance of their packaging for temperature sensitive deliveries. Through our continuous research and development, the new innovative materials showcase how a plant based packaging system can result in high level, stable insulation.

  • Fully renewable.
  • Protects your brand – your customers see clean, renewable packaging.
  • Will be collected and disposed of by all local councils with domestic waste.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Animal friendly – no animal bi-products are used.
  • Reduced cost – StarchBox comes flat packed to maximise storage and transport costs.
  • Incredibly strong in its assembled form.

StarchBox Liner Set And Outer Carton

Product Name Board Grade Box ID (mm) Payload ID (mm) Payload LTR Capacity MOQ
StarchBox 1 (Set) Heavy Duty Single Wall 292 x 292 x 292 260 x 260 x 260 16 180 Sets
StarchBox 2 (Set) Heavy Duty Single Wall 405 x 300 x 225 373 x 268 x 193 18 150 Sets
StarchBox 6 (Set) Heavy Duty Single Wall 405 x 300 x 300 373 x 268 x 268 25 140 Sets
StarchBox 10 (Set) Heavy Duty Double Wall 550 x 410 x 300 518 x 278 x 268 50 65 Sets

StarchBox Liner Set Only (No Box)

Product Name Payload ID (mm) Payload LTR Capacity MOQ
StarchBox 1 (Liner) 260 x 260 x 260 16 180 Sets
StarchBox 2 (Liner) 373 x 268 x 193 18 150 Sets
StarchBox 6 (Liner) 373 x 268 x 268 25 140 Sets
StarchBox 10 (Liner) 518 x 278 x 268 50 65 Sets

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