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A revolutionary leak resistant Temperature Controlled Packaging System to both the Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical sectors, enabling suppliers, producers, co-packers and logistics companies alike, to send products via the postal network in confidence.

  • Maintain the Chilled or Frozen cold chain (Dependant on Ice Pack Selection) for a MINIMUM of 24hrs
  • Waterproof, Leak-resistant bottom – eliminates Box Damage!
  • Cushioning and Protective Properties of the Bubble
  • No Assembly required.
  • Self Seal Tamper evident Closure
  • Compact Storage solution, up to 700 Liners per pallet
  • Low Cost Postal/Courier System
  • Wipe clean and re-use, or see multiple novel re-use ideas for the liners below.
  • MOQ of just 50 Systems for standard sizes, Bespoke sizes available for an MOQ of 2,500
  • 3 samples per order
  • 3D Systems Now Upgraded to Double Strength White Corrugated Boxes As Standard


The Sample Store has been created at your request, for you to further refine your choices, this service is offered as a one-time service per customer, with only 1 product permitted in any size and only 3 products total per sample basket. For this we will only charge the Postage Charge of £9.99 per sample order and hope this will help you in your choices.

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After the extremely successful launch of our 3D Reflective Air Liners, highlighting the benefits of ‘effective’ Temperature Controlled Food Packaging, we have now gone a step further with the launch of our revolutionary new product ‘Recycle-Air‘.

What’s Different About Recycle-Air?

Our Reflective Air Liners highlight the benefits of effective temperature-controlled food packaging with minimal assembly and less material. Recycle-Air takes this a step further, giving the same benefits PLUS being 100% recyclable and offering double cushioning using our “Double Bubble” protective system (which also acts as great insulation).

It’s the low-cost system that works to save the environment; it also contains up to 15% recycled material in its makeup.

How Does Recycle-Air Work?

The 3D Reflective Air System works purely from emissivity; the reflection and deflection of thermal energy, with a metallised PE on both sides and one layer of bubble insulation.

The Recycle-Air system works in a slightly different way, with emphasis on using recyclable materials and giving life to 15% of recycled material content. It has reflective white LDPE layers on both sides and a ‘DOUBLE’ hit of bubble insulation layers, sandwiched between the outer layers, giving a real emphasis to insulation and cushioning.

How Does Recycle-Air  Perform?

The New Recycle-Air systems have been tested and validated to ensure they meet with not only current legislations, but also your logistical needs. They maintain the chilled cold chain over a minimum 24hr period.

Climate Chamber and customer own testing has proven that the Recycle-Air system will perform on a UK based ‘extreme’ peak summer temperature profile for more than 24hrs and 96hrs during winter testing (held between +2˚c to +8˚).

We urge you to test the bags for yourselves using your own product and hopefully you’ll be as amazed by the results as we were

What Sizes Do Recycle-Air Come In?

They are available to fit 4 of our standard white double strength box sizes; Box 101, 02, 05 & 06.

Bespoke Sizes can be produced for a small production run of 2,000 Liners.

Where Can I Recycle the ‘Recycle-Air‘ System?

Recycle-Air is produced using 100% Recyclable LDPE material, giving life to up to 15% of recycled LDPE content.

We know that more and more councils are coming on line with recycling valuable clean LDPE material and this will undoubtedly become more widely collectible as the UK recycling system catches up with the rest of Europe, but if your council is not yet in the modern world, don’t worry, you can do your bit too. Most major supermarkets will recycle valuable, clean LDPE material too and collect this in store along with their used carrier bags, the recycle bins can usually be found near the checkouts…So no excuses!

But Why Throw the Liner Away After Use! – You Could Simply Wipe Clean and Re-Use!

Want to send Fresh and Frozen products in one parcel delivery?

If sending frozen as well as fresh chilled products in one system, why not try using our Thermal Pockets inside Recycle-Air.  Ideal for product separation, as well as an assured delivery method, for sending both fresh and frozen products in one box.


  • Maintain the Chilled cold chain; using our Ice Packs, for a minimum of 24hrs
  • Recyclable LDPE Liner made from RESY 4 Symbol Material (check with your local council how to recycle this)
  • Recycle-Air is also recyclable instore at all major supermarkets, along with carrier bags
  • The system is waterproof with a leak-resistant bottom – this eliminates any damage to the box
  • ‘Double Bubble’ cushioning layers and protective properties ensure your shipment is always fully protected
  • Pre-gusseted liner system – No assembly required
  • Self-seal and tamper evident closure
  • Compact storage solution; up to 500 liners per pallet
  • Low cost postal/courier system
  • Low MOQ for standard sizes
  • Recycle-Air comes with a super tough, double strength, white ‘biodegradable‘, corrugated box as standard
  • Completely water & leak resistant solution, sealed seams & bottom.
  • Complete gusseted system fits neatly and squarely into the box for a perfect fit
  • Completely recyclable plastic (check local councils)
  • Also recyclable as LDPE in all supermarkets along with carrier bags.
  • Low MOQ
  • Bespoke sizes from as little as 1,000 systems

We have tested our Recycle-Air systems extensively and are very pleased with their performance. Our Technical PDF files are available for you to download.

Ultimately, the best test is the one you conduct yourself; no two shipments are ever the same. The systems are available in small volumes, so why not buy and test for yourselves.