Reflective-Air Liner & System Samples

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The Reflective-Air liner works using emissivity; the reflection and deflection of thermal energy, with a metallised PE coating and one layer of bubble insulation.

Both the 2D and 3D liners have extensively been tested to extreme temperature profiles and passed; the results of these tests can be found on the Technical Data tab.

You can choose to try a sample of the Reflective-Air full system with box included or the liner on its own, in either 2D or 3D layers. 2D liners come in one set size, whereas 3D liners have 4 box options (if box required).

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The Reflective-Air liner is a revolutionary product designed to work with outer boxes to provide a full temperature-controlled packaging system for the food, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical sectors.

Reflective Air bags are water and leak resistant and available in either single (2D) or double-layer (3D) options. They use the cushioning and protective qualities of the bubble to protect the items inside, with a foil-based laminate to provide insulation through reflection and trapped air.


This Reflective-Air system sample can be ordered online for free as a one-time service per customer, on a “try before you buy” basis. Only 1 product permitted in any size and only 3 products total per sample basket. Postage charges of £9.99 apply per sample order.

  • Maintains the chilled or frozen cold chain for a minimum of 24 hours (dependent on ice pack selection; please note this sample does not come with ice packs included)
  • Offers great cushioning and protection of products
  • Waterproof
  • Leak resistant
  • Folds flat, making it compact for storage; we can fit up to 700 liners on a pallet
  • Self-seal tamper evident closure
  • Wipe clean and reuse
  • 2D liner available as “one size fits all” system
  • 3D liner offers 4 size options and two quality combinations

Want to order the full system? Head on over to the Reflective-Air page to place your order, with next working day delivery available on orders placed before 11am.

  • Flat pack, minimum storage and no assembly required
  • Extreme cushioning and protective properties
  • Maintains the cold chain (chilled or frozen) for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Wipe clean and reuse
  • Recyclable through a range of channels
  • Low MOQ for standard sizes
  • Extensively tested to ensure they meet with current legislations
  • Self-seal with tamper strip
  • First to market with the 2D/3D systems
  • Sealed bottom makes the liner completely water and leak resistant
  • Lowest order quantity; we will also make to order on a stock and serve basis for a minimum commitment to 2,500 liners
  • Tested to extreme temperature profiles

Please see the Technical PDF files for Reflective-Air liners below

We offer a low MOQ on these systems

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