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Freshpac Insulated Shipping Systems

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Highly effective Insulated shipping system, constructed using Hydropac’s unique and exclusive ‘mitred-seal’ corner system, designed for all your ecommerce cold chain requirements.

Manufactured from closed cell (recyclable) polyethylene foam; Certified Food Contact safe, no material on the market offers the same combination of insulation, water resistance and cushioning protective qualities, at this price point. Comprising of just two simple to assemble inserts, this system is extremely strong and can be wiped clean for re-use.

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You can now order one Insulated Shipping System sample for free if you want to use this to help decide which system best fits your needs. Available in a range of sizes with or without the box.

This is a one-time service per customer, with only 1 product permitted in any size and only 3 products total per sample basket. Customers will need to pay the £9.99 postage. Check out the full Sample Store for more information.

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What are Freshpac Insulating Shipping Systems..

The Freshpac Insulating Shipping Systems offer specifically engineered and designed temperature controlled packaging solutions for the distribution of perishable food stuffs, using standard ambient courier networks. Our off-the-shelf selection of insulated systems range in size from 10 to 50 litres, so will accommodate shipments of small food items right up to bulk retail deliveries. 

Comprising of a 2-piece LDPE insulating liner, produced from a recycled and recyclable Low Density Polyethylene foam in either 15mm, 20mm  or a high performing 40mm thick, that will maintain your food at a desired temperature of either +2˚c to +8˚c or below -15˚c for a minimum 24hrs; ultimately Ice Pack selection is crucial here.

In addition, they offer the very best in cushioning protection against any knocks or drops that may occur during transit. Freshpac’s own foam liners have a unique ‘mitred-seal’ corner design that eradicates ‘hot spots’ inside the box, by ensuring a uniform level of insulation all round, thereby providing a uniform temperature for everything inside, if they haven’t got a ‘mitred-seal’ corner system, they are not part of the Freshpac range.

15mm Insulating Liner

This new addition to our range, has been created to fulfill the need for an effective low cost shipping system for next day chilled food deliveries. This version of our unique packaging system utilises our special, recyclable food grade LDPE foam and have been designed and tested to maintain a chilled internal temperature for a minimum of 24 hours*  

Coupled with our ‘Strong Double Wall’ Outer boxes this system is a very capable addition to the range.

20mm Insulating Liner

The tried and tested, long standing version of our unique food shipping system is produced from a special, recyclable food grade LDPE foam that maximizes insulation while minimizing storage required. The 20mm range offers comparable performance to the traditional EPS poly box; with all items having been designed and tested to maintain a chilled internal temperature for up to 48 hours*, depending on your ice pack selection.

The 20mm liners are supplied flat packed to reduce storage space required, but fold together in a matter of seconds to slot into a one of our ‘Strong Double Wall’ cardboard boxes ready for use. 

40mm Insulating Liner

The highest performing version of our unique food shipping system is also produced from a special, recyclable food grade LDPE foam that maximizes the full potential of this unique and environmentally friendly insulation. The 40mm range was designed primarily for use in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, offering both chilled and frozen temperature stability to products with a lower thermal mass than food, so offered as a high peformance, luxury food shipment system, easily and confidently handling chilled & frozen temperatures over a minimum 48hrs.

But once again, Ice pack selection is crucial and should always consult us here at Hydropac if you are unsure.

Custom Packaging

The ‘Strong Double Wall’ outer carton is supplied in plain white as standard, with our own cautionary kite mark symbols on one side, but they can be printed with your own design for very little cost, subject to a minimum order quantity of just 250 cartons.

Want to send Fresh & Frozen food in the same box?

Should you want to send frozen and chilled food in one box delivery, why not try using one of our FreshPac Thermal Pockets inside the insulated systems?  The FreshPac Thermal Pockets are ideal for product separation as well as an assured delivery method for sending both chilled and frozen products in one box. 

  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled and recyclable materials
  • Certified as completely food safe
  • A range of insulation levels to match you temperature requirements, in a variety of sizes & capacities
  • Supplied flat packed to reduce storage
  • Waterproof insulation allows for simple cleaning
  • Custom made sizes, capacities and insulation levels made to order with no tooling costs
  • Insulating Liner System can be fully printed for minimum runs of just 250 unit:
  • Unique ‘mitred-Seal’ corner system eradictes the danger of ‘hot spots’ further enhancing system performance.
  • Small minimum order quantities for stock sizes, with as little as 250 units for custom made sizes.
  • The largest selection of sizes, materials and insulating materials available – we will certainly have the packaging to match your requirements.

Please find technical PDF files for our Freshpac Insulated Shipping Systems.


Freshpac - Insulated Shipping System (48hr Test) +2 to +8 Download Now
Freshpac - Insulated Shipping System (24hr Test) -15 Download Now
Customer Validated Insulated Shipping System Report (Chilled) Download Now
Customer Validated Insulated Shipping System Report (Frozen) Download Now
FSA Temperature Control Guide Download Now