Insulated Shipping Systems Samples

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Our Insulated Shipping Systems have been specifically designed for ecommerce customers who need to maintain the cold chain at all times from start to finish. Highly effective and certified food contact safe, no material on the market offers the same high-quality benefits as this system, at this price point!

The system comprises of 2 inserts which simply slot together, creating an extremely strong and very durable ‘mitred seal’ corner system that is unique to our range.


This sample of our innovative Insulated Shipping System has been available to enable potential customers to try before they place a full order. As such, we are only allowing one size per product sample to be ordered, with a maximum of 3 samples per basket. £9.99 postage charges apply. No ice packs will be sent with this sample.

  • Certified food contact safe
  • Designed for ecommerce traders
  • Extremely strong and protective
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Can be wiped clean for reuse
  • 2-piece LDPE insulating liner, produced from a recycled and recyclable low density Polyethylene foam
  • Full system available in a wide range of sizes and configurations for chilled and frozen deliveries
  • Supplied in plain white as standard with the option to customise for a MOQ of 250 cartons

If you want to place a full order for our Insulated Shipping Systems, just head on over to the product page to order online. Alternatively, give us a call on +44(0)1494 530182.

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*Excluding bank holiday and weekend

Our Insulated Shipping Systems work with our ice packs to provide a highly effective thermal packaging system that will protect and maintain the desired cold chain at all stages of the transit and delivery process.

Manufactured from strong, durable materials, these systems are recyclable and can also be reused. We have recently added more size options to the insulating liner, to allow for greater versatility depending on the products being sent. These systems also allow for fresh and frozen food to be sent in one box, when used with our Thermal Pockets to separate the products.

  • Huge range of size and configuration options
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Uses our unique and exclusive ‘mitred-seal’ corner system to eradicate “hot spots” inside the box
  • Arrive flat packed to save space
  • Easy assembly
  • The very best in cushioning to protect against knocks and drops
  • Food contact safe
  • Works with a wide range our cooling products for maximum effectiveness
  • Can send fresh and frozen in the one box
  • Food contact safe
  • Exclusive and unique technology used to eradicate hot spots
  • Stronger than many leading products on the market
  • Off-the-shelf selection range in size from 10 to 50 litres
  • Custom sizes available for low MOQ
  • Can be customised if required

Please view the technical files for our Insulated Shipping Systems below, including the FSA Temperature Control Guide and our 24/48 hr test reports.

Freshpac - Insulated Shipping System (48hr Test) +2 to +8 Download Now
Freshpac - Insulated Shipping System (24hr Test) -15 Download Now
Customer Validated Insulated Shipping System Report (Chilled) Download Now
Customer Validated Insulated Shipping System Report (Frozen) Download Now
FSA Temperature Control Guide Download Now