The World’s First Earth Friendly Ice Packs?

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Introducing EnviroGel® & EnviroIce®

EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® are the ecofriendly ice packs that we are launching as an organic alternative to traditional gel and water ice packs, because as Hydropac, we feel that doing ‘something‘ about the plastic’s issue, is better than doing ‘nothing‘!

Both variants of our earth friendly ice packs, have a wide range of eco-benefits that differentiate them from the industry norm, including:

  • Biodegradable – the gel mix is a soluble product that WILL break down to nothing!
  • Compostable – both the gel mix and film; used in both products, are certified compostable to BS-EN13432
  • Plant-based –they are both made from organic materials
  • Plant-friendly – both EnviroIce and EnviroGel can be used to help feed your plants
  • Drain safe – Fact: Industry standard Gel should be incinerated, or it WILL block pipes and sewers! Our EnviroGel® will not!
  • Did you even know that the Gel used inside ALL Ice Packs, is bad for the environment? #EnviroGel
  • Certified food contact safe

In terms of performance, EnviroGel® outperforms the industry standard Gel Ice Packs – it actually stays cooler as much as 12% Longer, so your products stay cool for longer in transit!

EnviroIce is available now in Freezer Trays, EnviroGel will be available in Summer 2021, so please add your details to the sign up form and we will be sure to keep you updated when we are ready to reveal EnviroGel.


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GuiltFree and Responsible, Single-Use Packaging, Providing a Fully Circular Economy!

Hydropac Ltd “We’re doing something positive about the plastic ice pack issue, as opposed to doing nothing!”

So, along with strategic, collaborative and innovative partners, aims at reducing the vast amounts of non-recyclable plastic waste from our packaging by introducing alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

As a result of many years of research and development, EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® are:

  • The UK’s first ethically responsible Ice Packs on the market
  • The first eco ice packs in the WORLD that that genuinely solve the issue of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging for the food service and pharmaceutical sectors

EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® use natural and renewable raw materials to be certified, fully compostable ice packs that have minimal impact on the environment, including our marine and wildlife. There are no sacrifices or compromises to the quality and longevity of these eco ice pack products. No palm or soya products, no virgin soil or deforestation involved.

Responsible Single-Use Packaging – But You Must Freeze Them Immediately!

Due to the nature of the compostable film (it will break down over time), the contents of the ice pack will slowly sweat/migrate through the film, at a rate of between 0.5% and 0.75% of the pack weight per day; this is to be expected, It’s a film wanting to decompose after all.

For this reason, we pack EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® in cardboard boxes and trays, lined with compostable green liners, as well as a compostable absorbent pad for safe measure, to prevent the packaging from becoming wet and damaged.

We have gone to great length to ensure this is a completely green and ethical choice and this is the reason why we haven’t simply packaged the product in swathes of plastic, just to get it to your door!

Preservation – Freezing

To preserve and suspend the life of your EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® ice packs, put them straight into your freezer; freezing them suspends the migration process until they are in use and have defrosted, otherwise the weight of the ice pack will reduce. The ice packs aren’t leaking, they are simply sweating the contents, as the film very slowly breaks up. But in ambient conditions, the ice packs are good to shelve for up to 2 weeks. They will last longer if chilled, and freezing them suspends the breaking down process entirely.

Certified Properties

Both EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® Packs are certified fully compostable according to BS-EN13432. As proof of such certification, they will shortly all bear the OK Compost and/or Seedling mark, which have been attributed by the independent test lab TÜV-Austria.

After a useful life as an eco-friendly Ice Pack, they go back to nature through organic recycling (e.g. composting). Whilst they are single-use, they are most definitely responsible single-use ice packs.

The compostable film used for both EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® is certified as an ‘Industrially’ fully compostable material. This does not mean either ice pack can’t be composted at home; it just means they will take a little longer to break down – but it WILL break down and it WILL disappear completely! That has to be better than the current alternatives!


These eco ice packs can and should be disposed of responsibly. This is what makes them part of our responsible single-use packaging range.


The Gel mix used in EnviroGel® is our own, innovative formulation. This lasts longer than conventional Gel Packs by circa 12%, and more so the thicker the Gel!

This is:

  • Certified food safe
  • Compostable (industrial and home)
  • Biodegradable
  • Plant friendly natural fertiliser which compares favourably to industry leading plant food – Independent study has proven that it’s as good as the leading brand of plant food, it’s a miracle grow!
  • Drain safe – will not clog your pipes or sewers like conventional gel packs

Simply pour the gel mix down the sink with a clear conscience, or better still, pour the gel on your plants, as EnviroGel® Is a natural plant food/fertiliser and is great for the plants.


The water used in EnviroIce® follows the same process we use in our Water Ice Packs. This means it is put through a 6-stage filtration process before it is then softened, chlorinated and UV light treated. Quality controlled samples of every single production run are then sent to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing.

Being pure water, this is also:

  • Certified food safe
  • Great for plants
  • Safe to pour away down the drains

Both EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® can be disposed of either with local food waste collections or garden waste if food waste collections are not yet available in your area.

If EnviroGel® or EnviroIce® does happen to end up in landfill, they will still degrade to nothing. This will be in a much quicker time than conventional plastic. Tests have shown that the polymer used in the Gel has taken less than 6mths to disintegrate by more than 90% by the time it has reached the ocean. THAT’S FASTER THAN PAPER!

EcoFriendly Credentials

Cradle-to-cradle through organic recycling

The cradle-to-cradle concept we are encouraging is discreet but effective; by using compostable ice packs, bags and absorbent pads to line the outer packaging box, these form part of a discreet cradle-to-cradle concept.  Raw materials made from plants, used as energy from nature, which are then made into bags to help encourage people to recycle organic waste. This then gets composted and treated before it is used as a certified soil improver or in agriculture for growing plants – fully circular resourcing!

Compost is a valuable soil amendment; it improves carbon levels in the soil, soil health and porosity (including the vital ability for farmland to hold onto rainwater) and provides important elements for plants to build their structure (e.g. stems, twigs, leaves…). This is part of the normal cycle of natural nutrients that has existed as long as life has existed on our planet.

MYTH BUSTED: Ethical choices are pushing up the price of organic materials

This is nonsense; very little land is taken up growing bioplastic! From the 7.8 million tonnes of maize that the EU grows per annum, about 14% is used for the starch in paper and cardboard and only 1% is used for bioplastic. The corn-starch and plant oils used in making our bioplastics come from EU grown maize.

Demand in sustainable materials, creating ethical industry!

One important component of our compostable plastic is derived from cardoon seed oil. Cardoon is a kind of thistle, an endemic weed in the Mediterranean. It is grown for its seeds which are rich in oil. The plants themselves require very little human intervention; they grown in dry marginal conditions, are not used for food or feed production and require no fertilisation or irrigation.

Why is this used in our compostable plastic?

  • Azelaic acid – a main chemical building block of our raw material – is derived from the seeds through biorefinery.
  • Crushed cardoon seeds go back to the farmers to feed their herds.
  • Leaves and stems of the cardoon plant are incinerated to create the electrical power that drives the biorefineries
  • Pelargonic acid (a natural herbicide) and glycerol (used in the cosmetic industry) are also derived from cardoon seed oil

GM Free

Our Partners guarantee ‘no GMO DNA/organisms’ in their raw materials.

They also insist on a ‘Mass Balance’ from their agricultural suppliers to prove that the GMO free crops (which they pay extra for) were indeed grown and supplied to them.

Introducing EnviroGel® & EnviroIce®

EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® are the eco-friendly ice packs that we are launching as an organic alternative to traditional gel and water ice packs.

Both variants of eco ice pack have a wide range of eco-benefits that differentiate them from the industry norm, including:

  • Biodegradable – the gel mix is a soluble product that WILL break down to nothing!
  • Compostable – both the gel mix and film used in both types are certified compostable to BS-EN13432
  • Plant-based –they are both made from organic materials
  • Plant-friendly – both the Gel mix and water can be used to help feed your plants
  • Drain safe – Industry standard Gel should be incinerated, or it will block pipes and sewers! EnviroGel® will not!
  • Certified food contact safe

In terms of performance, EnviroGel® outperforms the industry standard Gel Ice Packs – it actually stays cooler by time as much as 12%, so products stay cool for longer in transit!

Why do we need Environmentally Friendly Ice Packs?

We’ve talked before about the environmental issues of using Gel Ice Packs; some leading environmentalists have gone as far as to say that gel polymer is the new “fat cake” clogging up our drains and sewers, and they’re not far wrong.

There’s no denying that traditional Gel Ice Packs are very effective at what they do and being non-toxic/food contact safe, they are a simple solution for temperature controlled transit. However, the gel polymer solution is a plastic derivative and not soluble.

This means it has a big impact on the environment, as it has little in the way of eco-credentials apart from the fact you can reuse it multiple times. Environmentally friendly disposal is very difficult and even throwing it into landfill means it will sit for a long time before it biodegrades. The only completely environmentally friendly way to destroy these packs is through incineration.

Be part of the revolution, with what we believe to be the ‘World’s First, Fully Compostable, Marine-safe and biodegradable Ice Pack

The LDPE plastic that is used on the outside of traditional ice packs is made from LDPE Film and is currently only recycled from home collections by around 20% of councils at best and this has been steadily declining. That means 80% of councils send these straight to landfill as it stands and is liekly to be higher still.

Guilt-free and Responsible single-use packaging

Whilst we know that single-use items aren’t usually eco-friendly, we’re changing the game with our Earth-Friendly ice packs, as they can be disposed of extremely responsibly with little impact on the world around them!

Both types can be:

  • Home and industrially composted (home just takes longer).
  • If you dispose at home, add to your compost bin or add to your food caddy or waste bin. Garden waste bins are also fine to use.
  • Poured away down the drain (inner mixture) and the outer film composted.
  • Legislation is set make compostable collections mandatory for every household in 2023.

Both are made from natural and renewable raw materials. No palm or soya products are used, no virgin soil or deforestation involved.

EnviroGel® & EnviroIce® are most definitely a world first!


  • EnviroGel® stays cold for up to 12% longer than industry standard gel ice packs
  • The Gel formula is biodegradable, compostable and reusable as effective plant food (Proven)
  • Certified food safe ingredients


  • 3 stage filtration process used to ensure the water is ultra clean
  • The water is even safe to use in your pet drinking bowls (or your own…but might taste a bit flat)
  • Certified food safe ingredients

Packaging Waste Directive and Standards for Compostability Download Now