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Our all new Pharmapac® packaging range targets pharmacies, biotech and logistics companies looking to transport temperature sensitive products such as vaccines and medications in a specified length of time, maintaining the critical cold chain at all times.

The Silver Shield 24 system has been designed specifically for pharmacies and contract packers and has been tested to perform under the very worst case scenarios, ensuring essential medications and vaccines arrive at their destination under a constant, set temperature profile within a defined 24 hour transit network.

Silver Shield 24 uses emissivity and insulated to provide huge levels of protection, with a heavy grade outer box and a liner made from double bubble LDPE trapped air bubbles which are sandwiched between a foil based MPET laminate. Products placed inside should then have our frozen Pharmapac® Grade 750g Ice Packs placed on top before the system is closed and sealed.

Please note we only condone the use of our own Pharmapac® Grade 750g Gel Ice Packs with this system. Our ice packs are designed in such a compact form to provide a more stable and prolonged energy release and absorption rate. Nobody makes Ice Packs like Hydropac®!

Features & Benefits

  • Simple system – made up of just 2 parts, the strong outer box and the leak resistant Silver Shield liner.
  • Extraordinary levels of protection – through emissivity and insulation
  • Leak resistant using heavy grade double bubble LDPE trapped air bubbles and a foil based MPET laminate
  • Enhanced cold chain solution – using the additional Silver Shield which has apertures to allow for appropriate air flow to occur
  • Extensively tested – Pharmapac® packaging systems will protect even in the worst-case transit scenarios
  • Purity and transparency – Our Pharmapac® 750g Gel Ice Packs use pure filtered and UV treated water with a leading gel formula, encased in a blue high grade, puncture resistant film for ultimate purity and transparency.

Pricing & Delivery

Pricing varies depending on the size and number of systems selected; Pharmapac® Silver Shield 24 has a MOQ of 100 systems and we can fit 500 systems onto a pallet

The lowest price per system equates to £3.48, for orders over 2500 systems.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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