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ClimaCell is our 100% sustainable packaging solution, launched this year into our innovative FreshPac range of temperature controlled food packaging systems.

Protective, highly functional and both planet and eco-friendly, ClimaCell uses a plant based flagship material in its make-up, which ensures it is compostable and offers excellent thermal performance. It is THE ideal replacement for traditional, unsustainable insulators such as EPS.

What are the stats?

  • Only 9% of all plastic actually gets recycled. Plastic creates a massive landfill problem as it takes thousands of years to break down, so if people are going to continue to throw it away rather than recycle it (or if recycling plants cannot process it), then we need another solution
  • One material that DOES get recycled is cardboard; a staggering 93% of all corrugated material is recycled, a massive amount compared to plastic. Surely making repulpable products out of this type of material is the best way to ensure that recycling is going to be the end result. This recycled material can then be reused to make more paper products.
  • Even if corrugated material isn’t recycled, it breaks down much, much faster than plastic.

How is ClimaCell made?

ClimaCell uses Kraft paper as its primary material, which is sorted at recycling plants alongside cardboard and can therefore be placed into a normal household recycling bin when it’s useful life is finished.

It is made to store flat, which saves on storage space before it is used and also means when it does eventually end up in a recycling plant it will sort properly alongside the other cardboard materials.

ClimaCell Testing

ClimaCell performs inch by inch as well as EPS and denim fibre insulation (a modern equivalent to fibreglass, often found in new build homes).

When tested using an 80 hour Summer heat profile, ClimaCell lasted 60+ hours maintaining an inner temperature of 4.4C. this was using 1.4kg of ice packs; for more details on this specific test, please see https://hydropac.co.uk/product/climacell/

Features & Benefits

ClimaCell ticks all the eco boxes you could wish for, including:

  • Compostable
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 65% on average when compared to other insulators
  • Kerbside recyclable with all local council collections
  • Made from bio-based renewable materials
  • Highly functional with cushioning, protective characteristics
  • Uses no animal products
  • Certified repulpable by the Fibre Box Association using OCC-E protocols (Official accreditation anticipated soon)
  • Supports a circular economy therefore meeting the needs of paper manufacturer companies and material recycling facilities
  • Easy to assemble, stores flat until needed to save freight costs and warehouse space

Pricing & Delivery

Pricing varies depending on the size and number of systems selected; the lowest per liner price for ClimaCell is £2.70 exc VAT. The lowest price for liner plus box is £3.70 exc VAT.

We also offer a discount for orders with a MOQ over 1,200 liner and box sets of just £3.35 each.

Please note that these prices exclude delivery.