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EnviroGel, EnviroIce, Gel pack, Gel ice Pack

Could EnviroGel® & EnviroIce® be the world’s first Earth Friendly ice packs?

We think so; for years we have been working on tailoring our product range to help reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of plastics/non-eco friendly materials we use, and these ice packs help reflect our success so far.

  • EnviroGel® uses a groundbreaking, innovative solution of our own formulation that lasts longer than traditional gel solutions
  • The water used in EnviroIce® follows the same process as in our traditional Water Ice Packs and therefore has been through a 6-stage filtration process, softened, chlorinated and UV light treated.
  • The compostable (bioplastic) outer material used on both is derived from plant based materials including cardoons. These are a type of thistle that give us azelaic acid among other things, which is one of the main chemical building blocks in the raw materials used for these ice packs.

Features & Benefits

EnviroGel® & EnviroIce® are leading the way in our organic range of ice pack solutions; eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional gel and water ice packs we use on a daily basis to keep items cold in transit.

Both have a huge range of environmental benefits to really provide a green solution including:

  • Biodegradable – both the inner and outer materials are biodegradable
  • Compostable – both the inner and outer materials are compostable to BS-EN13432
  • Plant-based – everything that goes into making these packs is plant based.
  • Plant-friendly – not only is the water pure, but the gel solution is too. Both can be used to feed the plants if you so wish; in fact, the gel solution has been proven to be as good as the leading brand of plant food!
  • Drain safe – the gel formula will not block your drains like traditional solutions which have been dubbed as the new “fat cake” in our sewers!
  • No palm or soya products, no virgin soil or deforestation involved
  • Our Partners guarantee ‘no GMO DNA/organisms’ in their raw materials.

Our EnviroGel® packs also actually OUTPERFORM the industry standard in terms of staying cool and stay cooler for as much as 12% longer than traditional gel packs, so you get a superior product with eco-benefits – winner!

Pricing & Delivery

At the moment we are selling EnviroIce® with EnviroGel® coming soon.

You can buy either 1 pocket or 8 pocket EnviroIce® packs in Freezer Trays only with a MOQ of 48 trays (1 pallet). There are 40 EnviroIce® packs per tray.

Prices start at £0.29p per ice pack for orders of 1-4 pallets or £0.28p for 5+ pallets. Please note that these prices exclude delivery.

Please note that delivery timescales on these are 5 working days.