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Reuses for our Ice Packs

Reusing our Ice Packs for the Added Chill Factor

By | Eco Friendly

In our efforts to keep cool this Summer, we’ve been innovative with our very own Ice Packs and Ice Mats and we think we’ve come up with great alternative reuses for end customers. We know they’re recyclable but that doesn’t mean they can only be used once! The gift that just keeps on giving….

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Pre-Assembled vs Compact Packaging

By | Eco Friendly, Packaging

Here at Hydropac we supply both compact packaging that you assemble upon receipt/requirement (such as our Reflective Air Bags ) and rigid, pre-assembled packaging (such as our Polystyrene Boxes ) – there are pros and cons to both, but self-assembly packaging is certainly leading the game of late!

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Sedex member mark

Hydropac Now a Member of Sedex

By | Hydropac News

Hydropac are now a member of Sedex, the world’s largest collaborative platform for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store, share and report on information quickly and easily. We consider collaborative relationships a necessity and being a member of Sedex simply re-affirms that message.

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Does Your Packaging Tantalise The Tastebuds?

By | Packaging

There are many well known food brands that we recognise purely on the strength of their logo and packaging; knowing the brand and being attracted by the packaging make half the battle in persuading a consumer to pick your product off the shelf, so it’s key to consider this when looking to design new packaging.

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Hydropac Packaging Finder

Which Packaging Do You Need?

By | Uncategorized

Use our handy Packaging Finder tool to explore your temperature controlled packaging options, or if you’re still unsure, read through our Packaging Guide to work out which type of packaging suits your needs – whether it be foam boxes, reflective liners or postal pockets, we’ve got the solution!

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