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Our Medipac range provides reassurance, innovation and practicality with a metered dose of convenience

A product range tailored for the local Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Holistic Therapists, in addition to ecommerce based medical wholesalers wishing to send product safely through the courier network.

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About Medipac

Hydropac’s Medipac range of products caters for the local pharmacy wishing to send temperature sensitive products out to customers whether local or nationwide.

In this ever demanding world we live today, the convenience factor is never more demanded. Pharmacies now delivering our prescriptions through the postal network can do so with security and confidence, with the Medipac range.

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In addition the range caters for Physio rooms and therapists alike, whether aiding recovery from a Sports injury, muscular strains and tears or rehabilitating from surgery, the Hot and Cold therapy packs we are developing will cater for all. Tough and durable, the Therapy packs have been designed to be either chilled, frozen or microwaved to provide Hot and Cold Therapy.

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