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Our EnviroGel® and EnviroIce® ice packs are the latest in our environmentally friendly line up; part of our core Hydropac range, they proudly boast of being not only compostable, but also biodegradable, drain-safe, plant friendly and certified food safe. What’s not to like!

We have had people ask how these packs work, so wanted to outline this in more detail.

Sustainable Materials

The film itself (classed as a “bioplastic”) is made from sustainable materials, for example azelaic acid. This is derived from cardoon seed oil and makes up one of the main chemical building blocks in our raw material.

Cardoon plants (officially classed as weeds) have an extremely low environmental impact as they grow easily on their own with little to no human intervention in dry, marginal conditions. Using the seeds in biorefinery does not take them away from another useful purpose, as they cannot be used for animal feed until they are crushed.

In addition, the biorefineries that crush the seeds to produce both the azelaic acid and pelargonic acid (used in other industries) are powered by incinerating the leaves and stems of the cardoon plant.

Compostable & Biodegradable

The film is both compostable and biodegradable, as well as the contents within the ice packs. This is achieved by using raw materials as above which can then either be composted (preferred) or left to biodegrade if they are sent to landfill.

The elements contained in the film will also feed the microorganism community once they are breaking down. These microorganisms play a huge part in breaking down the hydrocarbon chains in the bioplastic.

Composting these organic bags leads to a host of benefits for the environment, including

  • Improved carbon levels in the soil
  • Improved soil porosity and health
  • Aids plants in building their own nuclear structures

If left to biodegrade, the whole packs are non-toxic, including the gel mixture used in EnviroGel®. As such, no harm will come to the environment, plants or animals as they degrade.

In terms of timescales, these ice packs are classed as “industrially” compostable. This means they will take a little longer than products classed as “home” compostable to break down, but CAN still be composted at home through normal composting means.

If left to biodegrade, they will still degrade to nothing, in a much quicker time than conventional plastics and in fact, faster than paper!

Gel Polymer & Pure Water

EnviroGel® uses a gel polymer that is biodegradable and compostable. This is engineered using ground-breaking FrostyCold Technology which also lasts longer than normal gel packs by approx. 12%. Just bear in mind the thicker the gel, the less time it’ll last (so a thick gel pack is less effective).

It is also a plant friendly natural fertiliser that acts almost as a miracle grow and is drain safe – it wont block it as it goes down!

The water used in our EnviroIce® packs is as pure as drinking water; it follows our standard cleansing and filtration processes also used in our conventional water ice packs. This means it undergoes a 6-stage filtration process before it is then softened, chlorinated and UV light treated.

Like the gel, it can be poured away down the drain or used on your plants with a clear conscience!

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