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Hydropac Logo & Ice Packs

Having listened to your feedback over the past few years we are pleased to announce that Hydropac’s Ice Packs have now been granted accreditation for being ‘Recyclable, Food Safe and Safe to Ingest’.

Of course, the outstanding quality isn’t new to Hydropac, but we have taken the positive step of an independent authority test, certifying them for extra reassurance and your peace of mind. Accreditation and certification has been granted – and being safe to drink, is not something that any other supplier can say about their ‘Water Ice Packs’.

We decided to carry this positive message forward and apply it to one side of our ‘standard’ stock ice packs as of January 1st 2018.

Our new, branded ice packs

New Branded Ice Packs

Interested in seeing the certification for our water Ice Packs? Simply click and download the PDF.

What does this mean for you?

Ice Packs & Ice Cubes with Logo

Pure, food safe ice packs

Our Ice Packs will still be clear and the purity of the water, strength and quality remains unchanged. Therefore, carrying the positive ‘Recycling’ RESY Logo and highlighting that the ice packs are Food Safe, combined with our logo for traceability purposes, should only serve to strengthen and reassure, both to you and your customers, of our continual commitment to development and quality.

You may see a mixture of branded and clear Ice Packs coming through for a few weeks whilst we filter the stock through the system.

Stronger, Safer Ice Packs

We have also recently upgraded our film, to a new, very flexible quality, which has been burst tested to over 200kgs.

This free upgrade has been filtering through for the last few weeks with very positive results and a vast reduction in reported damages.

Please remember that our Ice Packs are still essentially bags of water, so safe handling is still required and we NEVER recommend that the ice packs be frozen in the Courier Boxes we provide. If you require packaging suitable for the freezer, buy our cardboard freezer trays to allow them room to expand.

Next day service will always be available and remains uncompromised.

Add your logo

If you wish to have your own design, we can offer this for a small extra cost and the minimum commitment of 8 pallets of ice packs, stocked and served over a 12 month period. So better place those Christmas orders now, as production space is filling fast!