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Compost cycle

Our flagship eco-friendly ice packs “EnviroGel®” use compostable film and gel; these are both certified to BS-EN13432 so you can be reassured that they really are as environmentally friendly as we say they are. But for all that, how do you know that they really do work, and keep your products temperature controlled during transit?

We can prove through our controlled temperature monitoring tests* that EnviroGel® outperforms the industry standard for gel ice packs – it actually stays cooler for as long as 12% more than other competing products. For further info on these tests, please contact us.

These gel ice packs are also extremely strong, and like our conventional ice packs, will withstand a lot of pressure before bursting. Add this to their longevity and you have an ice pack solution that will work extremely well whilst retaining its eco credentials.

Organic Make Up

So we know they work, but what are they made from? If you have any concerns about the material used in these ice packs, let us set your mind at rest.

  • As above, they have been certified to BS-EN13432. As proof of this, all future EnviroGel and EnviroIce packs will bear the OK Compost and/or Seedling mark, which have been attributed by the independent test lab TÜV-Austria.
  • The material make up of this film is derived from a number of naturally occurring plant materials. These include cardoon seed oil, azelaic acid and pelargonic acid.
  • The plants used require very little human intervention; cardoon is actually a type of thistle which is an endemic weed – and we all know that weeds grow whether us humans want them to or not! Rather than letting them go to waste, the harvested leaves, oils and seeds can be used purposefully to create environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic, for everyday use.
  • Our partners guarantee no GMO DNA/organisms in their raw materials
  • Independent studies have shown that the compostable gel mixture we use is as good as the leading brand of plant food and will aid plant growth.
  • These ice packs are certified as “industrially” fully compostable. This means they will take a little longer to fully break down that products certified for composting at home, but they will still fully break down and can be composted by end home users in home compost bins.

Why Compost?

Well the simple answer is, “why not?” but for a little more detail:

Adding composted materials to soil aids and improves soil health; it adds valuable natural nutrients that help plants to grow and also helps soil to hold onto rainwater, which in turn also aids plant growth and is better for the planet as farmers will have to manually water their crops less. As such, composting both at home and on an industrial level both reduces the amount of products in landfill (which can take millions of years to break down) and helps promote natural plant growth for our crops.

In producing products made from compostable, natural materials, we are encouraging a discreet “cradle-to-cradle” organic recycling concept; once end users have finished with our eco-friendly ice packs, they are able to recycle them fully through composting. This compost is then used in the agricultural sector for growing plants – a fully circular solution.

In short, we have made sure that both EnviroGel and EnviroIce (which uses exactly the same outer materials as EnviroGel but contains 100% pure filtered water instead of a gel mixture) are completely green and ethnical solutions to use within temperature controlled packaging solutions. When teamed up with a system like our EnviroCool packaging boxes, you can guarantee you’re doing the best you can for the planet when sending your deliveries out!

Please note that any orders for either EnviroGel or EnviroIce will not be sent in swathes of plastic to their end destination. We send them in cardboard boxes/trays, lined with compostable liners and absorbent pads. The ice packs will need freezing straight away to preserve the outer film; after all, this is a material that WANTS to break down, so keeping them at room temperature will encourage this process. If you do see any moisture on the ice packs when they arrive, this is due to them “sweating” rather than leaking.

If you cannot freeze straight away, then they will be fine to shelve for up to 2 weeks before use at room temperature and longer if kept chilled. The break down process is frozen indefinitely when they are frozen.

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*testing a 150g frozen EnviroGel pack defrosted at lab ambient temperature.